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JobHunt.lk offers proprietary career opportunities through our online platform and integrates solutions for unemployment. Whether you are looking for careers, access to employers or vital career advice, our interaction with the top corporations, both local and international, facilitates achieving your career goals.

NYDB works with institutional leaders and practitioners, policy makers, funders and stakeholder groups to promote diversity, and lobby for the widest broadest possible access to careers, thus vow to be your online mediator in finding the most suitable and useful path which will be ideal to your needs and fulfill your dreams.

We help thousands of Youth, Job Seekers and Employers to find the right fit with quick access.

Our website is obliged to grow in recruitment and career advancement catering the Sri Lankan Job sector for employers, recruiters, freelancers and job seekers thus aspire to cover the entire spectrum of jobs across all sectors.
Job seekers look to us to help them enhance their careers by posting their resumes and searching our database on job postings.

JobHunt.lk offers three main types of careers: full-time, part-time and internships. The top corporate entities in Sri Lanka consider employees to be full-time when they’re requested to work 40 hours a week, which includes benefits such as pension or retirement plans, health insurance plans, etc. All full- time jobs will be advertised updating the existing positions across the c


If you are a student or engaged with some other matter, you can consider taking a part-time job, which will enable you to develop your skills and experience without having to give up on your other ventures and most importantly you may get the chance of transferring the part-time job into full-time based on your performance, when you have the time for it. JobHunt.lkhas categorized separately part-time jobs/ temporary for your convenience.

If you are a post graduate or recently left school, the best career investment will be to apply for an internship, where one could get exposed to various types of work and identify your hidden talents. Many internships allows one to begin a successful career with a solid foundation of knowledge & skills.

We are also concerned about corporate entities waiting to hire required employees but are unable to do so, due to unavailability of suitable candidates. JobHunt.lk has created the platform for job seekers to upload there CVs directly to the job advertisement with a cover letter, so that the companies will directly be able choose their employees online. This will enable both parties to network easily and save a lot of time.

Join with us to get the best jobs available in the job market and fulfill your career dreams with the easiest access at your finger tips, whether you are at home, office, school or wherever, you can get into the world of jobs and career opportunities, within a short amount of time and build your dream career with the top and best companies/organizations in Sri Lanka and beyond.



Chairman’S Message

JobHunt.lk by the National Youth Development Bureau (NYDB), strives to achieve excellence in its mission to provide job and career opportunities towards the job seekers in Sri Lanka to pursuit professional excellence in the corporate path to success. The mission of this Website is working towards transforming Sri Lanka, to become successful, next generation global citizens. We are committed to mediate between the best job opportunities and job seekers who are in need of a proper gateway to a successful career, professional life and personal development.

I take pride in stating that all the services at JobHunt.lk comes without any charge and from the time you register with us, you are open to a corporate world with many privileges.I assure that JobHunt.lk, whatever your personal goals are; you will be able to find customized solutions which match your dreams and goals in accomplishing a great qualification, career and life ahead. Welcome to JobHunt.lk. We look forward to share our range of job opportunities and experiences with you.

Mohan Perera,

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